Friday, 12 September 2014

Tours of Minneapolis

Back in Minneapolis, many guided tours of the area will take you around one or more of Minneapolis’ four prominent lakes.
Those with good walking shoes can walk on pathways around the lakes and bicycles can be rented.  In the wintertime, skating
is offered on crystal clear skating rinks.
Nature-lovers may wish to see Minnehaha Falls, nestled within Minnehaha Park. Guided tours of the area will often make the
stop on the way to your final destination nearby at the Fort Snelling State Park.
There are guided tours within the Fort Snelling State Park that take you into the old fort itself where, in the 19th
Century, soldiers guarded the area from Indians and other potential intruders.  Located at the fork between the Minnesota
and Mississippi Rivers, the fort takes you back in time and helps you understand how the soldiers lived during those times.
As a final stop, many guided tours will drive you out to the Minnesota Zoo, a sprawling, natural habitat zoo, complete with
a huge indoor rainforest area.  A monorail will take you past buffalo, tigers and other wild animals living comfortably in
their natural habitat.

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